A Writer Can Not Be Quiet


They flow, the writers, that is, through the lanes,from different professions into the writing sphere.There are also born writing individuals.

First, they get the inching; worried about the need to make public the content of their thoughts.By this, they devise the best technique of approach to tackle the write-able topic.

This could be propelled by what they have observed,heard or read.Others,spontanously,flow into it without understanding the reason for the drive.

They write a first copy,cancell it ,write a second copy and cancell again.If that copy is not good enough,satisfying what they intend to give out,they write again and lock it away from the public eyes.A few of such writers make further effort to go public.

They are so dicouraged because of the cost implication of publishing.Even the internet could be very expensive for them to use.

The traditional publishing avenues may not look in their direction because they are not a ‘name’ that could be accorded attention.Some of such desirous writing prospects,move further to seek a freelance opportunity to do so for free,giving out their thoughts on paper to contribute to public pool of information.

Most publishers may accommodate this position because it removes all financial obligations on them. All such times the published items are judged on the premise of their relevance to comtemporary issues and the beauty of the language used.

Sometimes, the approach/angle the issue is discussed also becomes an attraction.When the writing propect knows that he is now and always, an accepted contributor, his morale grows daily and gradually, he becomes a pro.

The pro’ writer never would cease to contribute his quota to enrich the columns,pages,weblogs and the stalls the daily published books must fill.This consciousness keeps the writer alive.

He lives and is active because he is writing and attending talk sessions that his written works has created/elicited for him.But can the writer stand at the rostrum and not utter any word? The audience would think that he must have suffered a momentary speech ceasure and would sympathize with him.

They could also want to volunteeer assistance to move him back to his seat or home.Such writer would feel a greater sickness not for what he said verbally but for what he was unable to say.

The writer would not always desire such situation, so will crave another opportunity to correct whatever impression that must have been built..This urge is what qualifies the thinking that to be silent is unlike a writer.


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