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The writer can not die


Many have tried to stop

The writer to stop kissing

His papers with his pen,

But the request, often times,

Runs contrary to what

The writer desires to do.


He lives because he releases

All the urges, joys and pains

With a torch that bears

A light on the society.

Upon which his deep

Recesses content flows.


Imprison the writer

And place him in the

Darkest part of the

Restriction, it will not kill

The revolution,

He gradually turns.


The prison confines,

His experiences tint it

And make it a haven.

Kill the writer but the

Memory of him can not be killed.


It will write beyond

The imaginations

Of the killers.

In fervency, for a long time

                                              Readers remain.


The writer can not die,

Not in the physical realm,

May be, but in the realms

Of the hearts and minds

Of all men.



[c] Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo 

September 5,2004



Writer’s inspiration


We live in an environment;

It shapes our thoughts,

Behaviours and languages.


As we live together

In the society,

We watch each other


Much as we watch nature.

We endeavour to identify

How nature and each of us


Relate to each other.

Then we create habit;

A reflection of what we are


In our humanity,

Our experiences,



Pains and challenges.

We are the more similar.


As a writer

I write, not outside

my environment ,


I write of what I know ,

What I see, feel and imagine.

My life and work


Feeds my writings.

For I pour out the stress

To free myself,


To record moments

In beautiful craft.

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[C]Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo




Pronounce the sentence


Pronounce the sentence.

Hearts will be bruised,

Ears will be pierced,

Living may be in torment;

All in spread cloth impression

Of  benefits and injury.


Pronounce the sentence

When grief is not on board,

Without mischief in future’s hand,

With non able to rob off the smile

Peaceful hearts can beam.


Pronounce the sentence

Over all rights to claim, there is,

That love will not suffer bereft

And obedience not indebted.

Strong to build over contentious tussle

Always in hover with life over death.



[c] Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo 

July 14,2008














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